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Configuring the daily email alerts

The CodeSnippitsPro system is setup to send periodic notifications of new or updated snippits stored within the system. This process is performed by one application within the “bin” directory of your installation "CodeSnippitsPro.EmailAlerts.exe". To schedule these functions they must be added to the Task Scheduler application on your server. If your Internet Service Provider or Hosting service will not allow you to run scheduled tasks, contact Tectonic Concepts, LLC. At customersvc@cms2005.com and we will run the daily schedule for you.

To setup each of the Notification programs the following steps must be done.
On the server where the CodeSnippitsPro is installed select Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks. When the program opens select “Add Scheduled Task”.

When the Scheduled Task Wizard opens select Browse and use the Folder explorer to find the Bin folder within your CodeSnippitsPro installation. You’ll select the CodeSnippitsPro.EmailAlerts.exe file and select Open.

Next, select to run the application Daily and select “Next”.

Next, update the Start Time to be 8:00am and to Perform the Task Every Day, select Next.

Next you will provide the user account to run the program under. This should be an administrative account. Select Next.

To complete the process you must add your Administrative URL to the program. Select the Task from the Task list, right click and select Properties. Within the Properties window on the Task Tab add your URL information to the end of the Run box. The URL should be enclosed within quotes. CodeSnippitsPro.EmailAlerts.exe “YOUR URL HERE”. When done, select OK. It may require you to re-enter the username and password the program will be running under.



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