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Managing Users

All users within the CodeSnippitsPro system are managed through the Manage Users option within the User Utilities navigation option in the left navigation.

The initial list will display all users within the system, their names and currect status. The users can be edited using the Edit icon, added by selecting the Add New User icon or the status activated or deactivated by selecting the image in the Active column. Inactive users have all their information stored within the system but the are not able to login the the CodeSnippitsPro system.

When selecting to add or edit an existing user most of the fields are self explanitory. Each of the fields hghlighted in blue are required and must be completed before the user can be submitted. All usernames are unique within the system and the information will be checked when the submission is made. If the username is already in use a message will be displayed to provide a different username.

Various permission flags are available to define permissions within the CodeSnippitsPro system.

Active Account : Enables or Disabled the account
Server Admin : Selecting "Yes" enables the user to perform any activity within the system.
Manage Users : Selecting "Yes" enables the user to manage other users.
Manage Categories : Selecting "Yes" enables the user to manage categories used with code snippits.
Manage Languages : Selecting "Yes" enables the user to manage programming languages used with code snippits.
Read Only : Selecting "Yes" overrides the user's settings and prevents the user from adding/editing snippits, categories and other features within the system.



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Take a test drive in our demonstration installation. The user name is "demo" and the password is "demo".
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