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Customizing the appearance of CodeSnippitsPro

The CodeSnippitsPro system allows site owners the option to make modest customizations to the default appearance of the CodeSnippitsPro installation. Virtually all of these enhancements can be done using the Manage Site Settings option located in the User Utilities window within the Left Navigation. This option is only available to adminstrators.

Logo - The logo located at the top left of the site can be changed by uploading a new GIF or JPG. Images should be limited to 300px wide and 100px high.

Slogan - The default slogan can be changed by updating the Site Slogan field. This should be limited to 45 characters.

Top Links - The default Profile, Home and Logout links are available to all users. An additional five links can be added using your own link text and URL.



Select contents of Stored Procedure
Merge Gridview Rows
Add additional headerrow to Gridview
Format a Phone Number
Flash AS2 Transitions and Tweens


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