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Snippit Categories

Code snippits are organized within the CodeSnippitsPro system by programming language as well as categories. Each of the categories can be listed as a "root" or parent category or they can be nested within other categories. The CodeSnippitsPro system can support categories nested up to ten levels deep.

Categories can be added or managed in one of three areas.

  1. When using Right Context Menus the categories names may be right clicked and select the Edit Category option.
  2. Selecting the Manage Categories from the User Utilities window in the left navigation.
  3. When adding or editing a Code Snippit a new category can be created and assigned to the code snippit on the fly.

When selecting the Manage Categories option the initial list of categories will display the list of categories with nested categories indented below their appropriate parent category. Their Active status is also displayed. Categories can be made inactive within the system which will prevent them from being displayed to users without deleting their information.

When adding or editing a Category the name of the category is required and must be provided. If the category is to be nested the parent category should be selected from the Parent Category drop down list otherwise the "No Parent Folder" should be selected.

At this time Categories may not be deleted from the CodeSnippitsPro system. This prevents code snippits from becoming orphaned within the system. Categories may be made inactive or renamed and used for other purposes.



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