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Adding RSS Feeds

Each user can specify the RSS Fieds to be included on their home page with they log into the CodeSnippitsPro system. RSS Feeds can be added by clicking the Add New RSS Feed button from the home page or from the My RSS Feeds option from the User Utilities window in the Left Navigation.

The initial list of feeds displays the name of the feed, a link to the feed location and the active status. InActive Feeds are not displayed on the home page. When selecting a feed to be edited or added the user is prompted to provide a name for the feed as well as the URL to download the feed. The information is saved when the Save Information button is selected.

The information for the RSS Feed can be tested by either using the Test RSS Feed button while will attempt to return the formatted RSS Feed or using the Test Connection button. The Test Connection button will return the raw HTML/XML information returned by the RSS call. This is helpful when debugging connection or proxy issues.

When using the CodeSnippitsPro system behind a Proxy server the following keys must be added to the web.config with the appropriate informaiton to bypass the Proxy server. Be sure to double check all settings with your system administrator.

<add key="CSP_ProxyURL" value="http://www.yourproxyserverurl.com" />
add key="CSP_ProxyPort" value="[PROXY PORT]" />
add key="CSP_ProxyDomain" value="[PROXY AUTHENTICATION DOMAIN]" />
add key="CSP_ProxyUsername" value="[USERNAME TO ACCESS PROXY SERVER]" />
add key="CSP_ProxyPassword" value="[PASSWORD TO ACCESS PROXY SERVER]" />

If you would like to have the Publication Date displayed with each item in the RSS Feed add the following key to the web.config and set it to "True".

<add key="CSP_RSSShowPubDate" value="True" />

By default all RSS Feeds are cached for 120 minutes (2 hours). This is a setting that you can override by adding the following keys to the web.config file. The value is set in minutes. The following example will cache each feed for four hours.

<add key="CSP_RSSCacheDuration" value="240" />

If you would like to have the RSS Feeds removed from all users due to bandwidth constraints, system load, proxy issues or other reasons add the following key to the web.config and set it to "True".

<add key="CSP_DisableRSSFeeds" value="True" />



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