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Now it is easy to store, share and manage all of your code snippits, classes, shortcuts, bookmarks and library of applications. The CodeSnippitsPro system is ideal for developers regardless of development platform, programming language or work location.  The CodeSnippitsPro system is designed to allow a team of developers to store and share their Code Snippits from one centralized location.

Like many developers we find ourselves working in many locations including home, office and other contract locations. It's often difficult to always have access to commonly used code samples and even more, those obscure ones. The CodeSnippitsPro system conveniently organizes your Code Snippits, Bookmarks, RSS Feeds and Files into one location. Access to the CodeSnippitsPro system is done through a common Internet Browser making them conveniently accessible from many locations.

The CodeSnippitsPro system easily stores code libraries of VB, VB.NET, C#, C++, ASP, iHTML, PHP, Cold Fusion, PERL, Python, COBOL and many more. Additionally, the CodeSnippitsPro system stores all your favorite bookmarks in one place as well as easily upload your common applications to one central location.

The CodeSnippitsPro system takes advantage of the storage and searching capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server to organize and track all the Code Snippits. The CodeSnippitsPro system is built upon Microsoft .NET and can run on any .NET compatible web server.



Here's a list of features included in the CodeSnippitsPro system:
  • Unlimited Storage of Code Snippits; Snippits are stored within MS SQL Server
  • Update snippits and maintain a Full version history of each snippit version with restore option
  • Version comparison for previous code to current code version showing added, deleted and changed code 
  • Syntax highlighting for various code languages including VB.NET, C#, HTML, Javascript, SQL, Perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, iHTML and XML
  • Uploading of unlimited files associated with each snippit with version history for updated files
  • Store personal and public code snippits organized within unlimited folders & languages.  Personal code snippits are visible only to the original author
  • Easily share snippits with other developers regardless whether they have an account with the convenient Email/Share Snippit feature.
  • Store personal bookmarks within unlimited bookmark folders including a Favorite list (coming soon import/export IE bookmark files)
  • Maintain & display list of an individual’s recently viewed snippits.
  • Display and loading of unlimited third party RSS Feeds on home page   Track all of your favorite RSS Feeds with links on your CodeSnippitsPro home page.
  • Internal storage of applications, source code and other files within SQL Server
  • Integrated Full Text Searching of snippits and documents.
  • Integrated Google Search using the BETA Google API (must register for your own account, it’s FREE)
  • Unlimited Individual user accounts with various levels including READ ONLY Access.
  • Expandable User & Site Configuration options for enhancing or adding application options
  • All content stored in SQL Server
  • Dynamic user self registration using Domain authentication access mode.
  • Full support for importing snippits from CodeSnippits FREE version.
  • Accessible web services for adding, updating and displaying code snippits.
  • Option to personalize logo, slogan and top navigation links

Home Page with recent snippits,
RSS Feeds, Search and snippit navigation

Snippit View with syntax highlighting

Snippit Compare view with
change/deletion highlighting

Integrated Google Search results

Home Page RSS Feed integration


The CodeSnippitsPro system is available in one of two licensing modes. All licenses come with a one year maintenance agreement for ALL upgrades. 

Download Now Basic Version Free This is the original FREE CodeSnippits system. This is a completely working version with no add-on restraints.
Order Now Pro Version $50.00 This unrestricted license can be used on one server within a named organization with an unlimited number of developers. Corporate name must be provided at time of licensing.



Select contents of Stored Procedure
Merge Gridview Rows
Add additional headerrow to Gridview
Format a Phone Number
Flash AS2 Transitions and Tweens


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